Foldable ramp, TriFold

Under konstruktion / Under construction

The compact, lightweight and durable ramp.

TriFold is a modular ramp system equipped »»with tree hinges. The ramp is designed to aid disabled people to comfortably pass obstacles and differences in height. The ramp is a good choice for use in rail bound vehicles, buses and buildings.
TriFold meets the following standards:

EC-2001/85 and EC R107 (Bus)
TSI PRM (Railroad)
DIN 5510-2 (Fire)

Custom dimensions and accessories are »»offered on request.

Technical Specifications

Width 800

Max. instep height(mm) 
Ramp       Length        12%      18%    Weight
TriFold6    600mm       71        106      5.5kg
TriFold9    900mm       106      159      8.1kg
TriFold12 1200mm      142      212     10.7kg
TriFold15 1500mm      177      265     13.3kg
Capacity: Max 350 kg
Ramp material: Aluminium-Wave-Sandwich
Non-Slip DIN 51130 R13
Frame: Anodized aluminium profiles
Options: - Bracket for wall mount
- Inductive Sensors (IP68K)
- Recessed handle

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